White Papers & Literature
While our white papers argue a specific position or solution to a problem or works as tool to introduce technology and innovation, journal publications advance theory and practice in key technology areas.
Below is a collection of interesting white papers and literature that discusses various technologies relevant to Power Electronics and R&D.
Technical Papers
  • Ultra-capacitors or electric double layer capacitors (ELDC), are electrical energy storage devices, which offer high power density, extremely high cycling capability and mechanical robustness resulting in their having a high potential of being used in many applications…Read More
  • The superior features of SiC and GaN over conventional Si and GaAs, allows for higher performance power electronic devices. With the commercial availability of normally-off three-terminal SiC VJFETs, their acceptance is expected to grow dramatically …Read More
  • The demand for high power density and high efficiency converters has resulted in increased interest in resonant topologies, particularly the LLC resonant converter. Though proposed originally by Robert L. Steigerwald in 1988, it’s sudden popularity in recent years is probably due to the significant efficiency advantages it offers when used with a PFC front-end, that is rather common today …Read More
  • Maximum power point trackers (MPPTs) play an important role in photovoltaic (PV) power systems to maximize power output and array efficiency. While numerous schemes and algorithms have been proposed, the perturb-and-observe (P&O) method continues to be by far the most widely used method in commercial PV MPPTs. This paper provides such an insight to various MPPT algorithms …Read More
  • Photovoltaic (PV) power supplied to the utility grid is gaining more and more popularity. It is common today to buy a 500 W grid connectable inverter off the shelf and install it like any other home gadget. Inverter technologies for connecting photovoltaic (PV) modules to a single-phase grid are thus important. This paper provides such an insight to various inverter topologies common today…Read More
Management Papers
  • Scattering the seeds of invention. The globalization of R&D…Read More
  • The Role of Offshore R&D in Strengthening Competitive Advantage…Read More