Social Responsibility
At Bose Research we believe that acting in socially responsible manner means being profitable, obeying law, being ethical and pursuing philanthropic responsibilities resulting in the respect for people, community and environment.
Our social commitment is based on the above convictions and belief that as we succeed in our business we must give back in some way to the society that helped us succeed in the first place. Some of our support to initiatives given below, focuses on promoting young talent and taking initiatives for tackling the needs faced by our society.
Bose Research supports following initiatives:
Based on the ideal of ancient India's gurukul tradition this purely residential institution at Bhadaini, Varanasi is for young girls where training and education is imparted to them in the formative period of their lives, so that they can grow up as enlightened women in the future. Education is provided from primary level till Masters and Doctoral degrees from recognized universities.