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Solutions & Services

Solutions that reduce design cycles and simplify manufacturing process.
BOSE RESEARCH today is the center of excellence for the design of Power Converters for various applications including Switch Mode Power Supplies and Power Electronic Systems with Embedded controls from 2 W to 20,000 W output power and beyond. Our strong background of theoretical electronics and excellent understanding of the laws of physics helps us develop products that are optimized by design and not by mere experimentation or by using cheap low cost components.
Today we export most of our designs worldwide to over 20+ countries with our main markets being in Europe and USA.
We have achieved success by focusing on developing world-class products and understanding customer needs for quick Engineering Samples, Quality, Reliability, Costs, Design for Manufacturing etc.
Service Models
We mainly work on the following service models:
  1. Complete Product Development Services
    • Providing R&D Services in the development of Power Electronics Products with embedded / analog controls to technical specifications, product cost and reliability figures etc.as predefined by our Global Customers. All projects are done on a fixed time and fixed cost model. After completing the design, the developed technology is always transferred to our customers. We do not do any manufacturing, but provide complete documentation and assistance for easy manufacturing of our designs.
  1. Design in Solutions
    • When you are building a complete product, it is often always necessary to have high performance analog or power electronics circuit blocks. Examples could be an onboard DC-DC converter, a high voltage pulse generator or a low noise precision amplifier for a transducer. We can partner with your R&D team and design in these circuit blocks and help you cut cost and get the flexibility of not buying these from a third party.
  1. Consulting Services
    • With the help of our internal IP blocks and technology, we can help you develop accurate product specifications, understand markets and competitor design strategies, selection of optimum power train and topology for your application, design reviews, EMC regulation consulting, etc.