Being limited by our Non Disclosure Agreements with our Customers, it is often not possible to disclose about our projects or our Customers. However few testimonials are presented here.
…the developed converter’s performance, the test report and EMC margins is really impressive.
Uwe Wechelberger,Development Manager,Desotron, Germany
…designers were pleased and they got some new ideas to think about.
Jarkko Storvik, Product Development Manager, Finland
…the design works like charm!! Brilliant design repeatability.
Tomas Issaksson, Manager,Powerbox AB,Sweden
…that we have had a long business relationship …we can do profitable business in the future…
Bernard H.J. Winkel, Managing Director, Wijdeven,The Netherlands
…the cooperation in all the earlier projects has been really good and we will continue our cooperation together.
Yann Civilis,Managing Director,SAFT Power Systems,France
…BOSE had good technologies that is impressive.
SK, Choi,Product Manager,USA
…your ability to develop such a complex converter for this medical ultrasound machine application is really commendable.
Nitin Mahmunkar, L&T Medical, India