Application areas & Markets
We have extensive direct experience in applying technology solutions to a broad range of industries since for all industries the core Power Electronics and Analog Design technology is similar. This has allowed us to leverage technologies from industry to industry in an efficient manner. We have also built up an extensive quantum of technology and IP blocks, requirements and processes that is unique to each specific industry including telecommunications, consumer products, industrial systems, medical devices, test equipment and transportation.
Our passion for innovation fuelled by our experience gained as a result of interdisciplinary experience helps us develop excellent products for every application.
We offer Industry-specific solutions for the following sectors and application areas:
  • Power Supplies and Power Electronics New Product development.
  • Semiconductor Industry including reference design services.
  • Transportation, Railway applications and Automotive.
  • Protection Relays and Utility grid applications.
  • Instrumentation and Scientific Applications.
  • Solar and Renewable Energy applications.
  • Aerospace and Military applications.
  • EMC Design and Consulting.
  • Industrial Automation.
  • Medical Electronics.
  • Telecom.