Design Capabilities

We have capabilities and technical resources to meet any of your power conversion & analog circuit design needs, both today & tomorrow. We offer you our vast experience of designing converters ranging from a few watts to tens of kilowatts. Add to this our strengths in embedded control & analog design and you will have a specialist expertise in AC-DC & DC-DC converters, inverters etc. Thus there are a few design challenges beyond our capabilities. Not only do we provide engineering excellence, but we also use our range of IP building blocks to deliver market ready products, within time and budget every time.
These innovative designs often feature efficiencies reaching 94%, tight regulation, wide input range, low output voltage distortion, high-power densities, paralleling with active current sharing, hot swap redundant functions, PFC Front ends, low output ripple & noise, low EMI, demanding temperature ranges & vibration environments, extraordinary reliability figures etc.
Our core areas of design expertise include the following.
Power Electronics Design
  • Power Electronics for Aviation, Automobile, Medical, Locomotive, Telecom and Military Applications etc..
  • Custom designed Switch Mode AC-DC and DC-DC Converters.
  • Power Factor Pre-regulators up to and exceeding 5 kW.
  • Switch Mode Battery Chargers & Rectifiers.
  • Power Electronics with Embedded Control.
  • Power Management.
  • Inverters & UPS
High Performance Analog
  • A/D & D/A Real World Sampling and design.
  • Discrete low noise analog circuit design.
  • Complex relay logic using OP-Amps.
  • Mixed Signal & Analog Design.
Magnetic Design
  • Magnetics for High current, low capacitance, controlled coupling, low leakage, etc.
  • Natural convection cooled Ferrite Transformers to 2 KW and beyond.
  • Amorphous Alloy Magnetics for High Power Applications.
  • Ferrite Power transformers to 5 KW and beyond.
  • Custom EMI Filter designs.
Digital Control of Power Electronics
  • Embedded Control with Micro controllers.
  • Communication Interfaces including USB, Ethernet, etc.
  • Digital PWM and Control of Converters.
  • Logic Design for Power Electronics.
  • Front-end GUI interfaces.
  • DSP Architecture.
EMI /EMC Design & Management
  • Design for controlling and generation of EMI at source.
  • EMI Design for low leakage current applications.
  • Reducing filter size and improve EMI margin.
  • EMI filter and shielding design.
  • Design for Immunity.
Thermal Management
  • Power electronics for natural cooled and high temperature applications.
  • Reduction of hot spots for improving lifetime.
  • Design and selection of heat sinks.
  • Thermal design of Magnetics.