Your Advantage
As your R&D partner, we offer you a comprehensive range of services from consulting to complete design services.
Because every design is unique, we show you all the technology options. We guide you through the good & bad of each - with an eye on system performance, manufacturability & cost.
Today’s design challenges warrant every technology edge you can get. We offer a combination of the most innovative and productivity oriented design technologies, to help you get the most out of your design environment.
Thus, with Bose Research, the rigors of high performance design requirements won’t have you get caught up in repetitive Prototyping or reliability problems!!
Further as your design partners we help you to mitigate you R&D risk.
Thus these are your benefits.
Scaling up R&D resources rapidly
While expanding engineering capability is not difficult, getting skilled R&D resources that understand the complete design and product development life cycle and can independently develop a complete product including EMC, Safety, Agency Approvals, is a global problem today.
Thus whether your project is large or small, we always have resources and engineering teams to help you get your project completed and help you take up more projects immediately.
Sensible solutions… fast!
With shorter design cycles and all designs being executed in a pre-defined time frame, we help reduce your products time to market. Now you can hit the market window while it’s opening – not closing.
More margins… better quality
Better technology and full system design under your control helps you get better products at higher quality and lower costs. With subsystem designs (say the power supply) under your control you can achieve more profit and better quality with lesser vendor dependence.
Higher saving…
Our high reliability designs propelled by front-end technology helps eliminate or reduce your in house R&D and thus help you reduce overall costs.